Newport Retirement Living

You'll love living at Wyndham Grange Village, near Newport

WGV Clubhouse

Be blessed with a cutting-edge retirement lifestyle, close to shops, services and facilities in Victoria's fast growing western corridor. Incredibly close to Newport (3015), Wyndham Grange Village is ideal for keeping the family together.

Wyndham Grange Village has been thoroughly designed to ensure that peace of mind, security and access to wellbeing and leisure pursuits are all part of your retirement standard of living. Carefully devised homes and superior facilities mean you can enjoy a hassle free village lifestyle. When you live in Wyndham Grange Village, it is all at your fingertips.

Your wonderful new villa is only the beginning. As an addition of your new home, our residents share superb community facilities – from the Clubhouse, to the pool, to the vegetable garden – there's enough space to entertain and enjoy yourself. Retirement living near Newport (3015), has never been better.